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            Vacuum furnace
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            Taicang Huarui Vacuum Furnace Co., Ltd
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            Maximum temperature of vacuum gas quenching furnace

            Release date: 2013-09-29 00:00 source: http://www.serunique.com Click:

            The maximum service temperature of our vacuum gas quenching furnace is 1280 ℃. This maximum service temperature is the temperature in normal use. In fact, it can also be raised to a higher temperature, but it will cause damage to the furnace lining and furnace components, reduce the service life of the furnace, and improve the temperature. But at the cost of damaging the service life of the furnace, in fact, the real air quenching furnace For heat treatment, not many steels need to be heated to such a high temperature. The highest temperature of high-speed steel is only 1320 degrees, except for the vacuum furnace used for smelting.

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            National Hotline

            Address: No.1, Nanzhuan Road, Shuangfeng
            town, Taicang, Suzhou, Jiangsu
            Email: 1306769879@qq.com

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